SiriusXM Internet Radio

The SiriusXM is an internet radio app which offers you a wide range of options for your entertainment. It offers you a number of comedy channels with MySXM. It offers you to listen to different programs from different channels which are available online. So you can pass your leisure time with full of entertainment if you have this app in your system. You can download this from the iTunes store for free and can have access to the live programs. So don’t make delay to download it to your iOS supported device. If you make delay, you will loss. The […]



Shazam is an interesting music identification app which recognizes the music playing around you. Be it a song from an television ad or a random piece of music playing on your radio, all you need to do is get your phone closer to the source of the sound and you are set. This app will not only identify the song for you but it will also ‘enlighten’ you with other details like name of the artist, album details, lyrics and the album art. Wait… Did you just ask if I am kidding? Hell! No! This intuitive app has a formidable […]


Ringtone Maker Make Free Ringtones

Most of us are of the opinion that our ringtone says a lot about our personality and attitude. Other than that, for some of us, ringtones hold a great clue to alert us on who exactly is calling. I, for instance, like to put different ringtones for different callers. It is quite cumbersome to find the right ringtone as the ones on the handset are quite common while the ones on the internet are either not free or does not suit our taste. Ringtone maker is one of the best ringtone and notifications’ tone creator in the market today which […]


Sing! Karaoke

If your favorite hangout is the local Karaoke bar, then Sing! Karaoke is the app that is going to blow you away like nobody’s business. I always thought of getting a karaoke system in my apartment for the house parties but never got to lay my hands on one. For me, this app is a revelation of kinds. A perfectly working Karaoke on your phone. Gosh! Pinch me! To begin with, this app has a meticulously designed and a tempting user interface. No matter you are a music lover or not, the moment you lay our eyes on this app, […]


Vevo Watch Free Hd Music Video

Want to see a music video of your choice in HD print now; just download VEVO to your iPhone or iOS supported device and enjoy a vast range of music videos available online. Are you getting bored? Is not your TV working? Passing a boring vacation, right? If you have the affirmative answers to all the questions then you should download this app of the existing version from the iTunes store. It is free to download. You will get all the high definition videos available in your iOS supported device if you download this app to that. It has a […]


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