Sing! Karaoke

If your favorite hangout is the local Karaoke bar, then Sing! Karaoke is the app that is going to blow you away like nobody’s business. I always thought of getting a karaoke system in my apartment for the house parties but never got to lay my hands on one. For me, this app is a revelation of kinds. A perfectly working Karaoke on your phone. Gosh! Pinch me!

To begin with, this app has a meticulously designed and a tempting user interface. No matter you are a music lover or not, the moment you lay our eyes on this app, you are game for a session of karaoke. This beauty of this app is that it is not just aimed at a budding rock star but it is for everybody and anybody.

You can select your favorite song from a huge collection of songs, sing it and share it with your friends (of course after a lot of practice though this app).

Once you switch this app on, you can decide if you want to shell out some bucks for a copyrighted tune and sing a solo or just join an existing session for free. No matter what you select, the app will open a new window with lyrics writing on it and some indicators to tell you when to start singing. It will also help you figure out whether the next set of notes is going to fall or rise. As you sing in sync and with the right melody, you start scoring.

Now, let’s come to the fun part. Most of us are no pop stars. I, for example, have the voice of a crow. To help boost your confidence (am guessing), Sing! Karaoke guys have put effects which can make even a tone-deaf person like me sound like Rihanna. You can enhance your voice with special effects like pop, vintage and some more.

If you think your favorite song is not included in their catalogue, they have given the option of going to their Facebook page and giving the request to include it.

What sets this app apart is the social aspect bit of it. You can follow your friends and meet like-minded people from across the globe. You can keep a track of your friends’ favorite tracks and comment (read make fun) of the songs they have sung themselves.

If you are one of those who just like to jump into this app for the fun part of it, there is a fantastic feature you would absolutely love. It is called ‘group mode’. You can enter into the song as one of the vocalist. Most probably, you will end up making a fool of yourself, unless you are some kind of a singing sensation. But, trust me, you will have the time of your life if you switch this mode in a house party over a weekend with a bunch of friends.

For the budding singers who want to use this app to practice and hone their singing talent, you have the option of buying weekly, monthly or yearly premium subscriptions which enable you to use this app to sing solo, duets or group songs without any extra charge.

So, go on…download Sing! Karaoke and be the star of the party!