Shazam is an interesting music identification app which recognizes the music playing around you. Be it a song from an television ad or a random piece of music playing on your radio, all you need to do is get your phone closer to the source of the sound and you are set. This app will not only identify the song for you but it will also ‘enlighten’ you with other details like name of the artist, album details, lyrics and the album art. Wait… Did you just ask if I am kidding? Hell! No!

This intuitive app has a formidable competitor in SoundHound but if you talk to its users you will hardly hear any complaint from them. This app is smooth as silk. It works on most of the operating systems and looks pretty as hell. Once you are hooked on to it, it will never let you go. Well, I made it sound like a pesky girlfriend but you got my point right?

Shazam helps you find music from a recording and this recording may be playing on another source or you might be singing it in your ‘not-so-melodious’ and ‘out-of-sync’ voice. Whenever you hear any music that sounds vaguely familiar, just open this app, tap the button on the top right and let it handle the rest for you. It will listen to the music like some expert and get back to you with all the relevant details, which will leave your mouth open for the first few times. Of course, after some time you will get used to it and will look up to it for all your music identification related woes.

Just make sure that the microphone is close to the source of the music or the music is loud enough. The speed of recognizing songs is out of ordinary though it does vary from genre to genre. For pop music it gives the results in less than 15 seconds while for instrumental it takes more than 30 seconds. The recently launched songs are the easier to identify by this wonder app. Wait… Does this mean this app has its own choice of music? Haha… Just kidding.

Once the app figures out the song, it can take you to youtube if you wish to check out the video or to a site like Amazon if you wish to buy that particular song.

It is precise and lets you store all the previously searched or tagged songs. It also serves as a fun game where you and your music crazy friends can play a game of ‘identify the song’. Quick tip – You can use it for cheating in pub quizzes. The accuracy of this app is mind blowing. I tested it in most of the places where I listen to music (read my room, car, work desk) and it worked perfectly fine. If you are now wondering if this magical app will leave a hole in your pocket, then relax. It is free!

In places where the noise is a little too much, the app faces a slight problem in identifying the music. This is quite understandable though.

Overall, the features and the usability of Shazam is a fantastic and it works like a dream. I personally tested each and every feature that has been harped on by the marketer. Everything works as advertised, which makes it really cool and enjoyable. A big YES, for this app!