Ringtone Maker Make Free Ringtones

Most of us are of the opinion that our ringtone says a lot about our personality and attitude. Other than that, for some of us, ringtones hold a great clue to alert us on who exactly is calling. I, for instance, like to put different ringtones for different callers. It is quite cumbersome to find the right ringtone as the ones on the handset are quite common while the ones on the internet are either not free or does not suit our taste.

Ringtone maker is one of the best ringtone and notifications’ tone creator in the market today which is crowded with a surplus of ringtone makers. Other than the most obvious feature of making the required ringtone from the music files that you may load from your mobile or buy online, this useful app has some additional features for adjusting volume, creating fading in and out effect and sharing your work by email.

A lot of professional and customized ringtone makers are available in the market but the process to creating the desired product is so complex that it puts off ordinary folks like you and me. A lot of these apps involve the use of menu keys to manoeuvre around. Fortunately, Ringtone Maker’s controls are located right on the interface thus making your job easier. All of these controls respond to touch, as we would prefer.

Once I downloaded this app and read the instructions, I was ready to go. I uploaded the right file into the app and started setting the starting and the ending notes by simply sliding the given arrows on the main menu along the timeline. I am pretty comfortable with Windows Movie Maker with a similar interface so I could figure out that I had to simply press the start and end button to record the desired tone. Alternatively, I could also type in time stamps to incorporate the required portions of the song in my ringtone.

Before saving the tone and assigning it to the contact, you need to preview the same to ensure it is not abrupt and is flowing smoothly. Like the other ringtones, you can, of course, re-assign or delete the ringtone as and when required. Most of the standard audio file formats are accepted by the app. This may include MP3,MP4, AAC,WAV and so on. Needless to add, you may also record any sound and use it to create a ringtone. I created a customized ringtone using a song which I karaoke-d using the Sing!Karaoke app. Now, isn’t that a good way to show off!

The controls are precise and the interface is stunning. You do not need to scrape through multiple pages or controls. Simply upload or create the music file, edit and save a ringtone and you are ready to go.

In the latest version of this app, you can even cut, copy and paste different sections of your input file, which was not available in the earlier versions. The much required updates in such kind of an app are regular and easy to locate.

Overall, I would give the Ringtone Maker app an 8 on 10 for its simplicity, ease of use and usable features.