Other Ways to Download Free Music On Mobile Devices

On Android devices a possibility to download free music is using the memory card directly on the computer. If your computer is equipped with a card reader, you can use the memory card directly on the computer, load them with music and then put it in phone.

iPhones and iPods are the trend of the day. Steve JobĂ­s wanted you to use iTunes to do it. So, as a first step, you have to download iTunes. It is available free of cost. Next step is to add songs to the iTunes library. You can do this using File -> Add folder to library option. Import the required music files from the computer in here. Now, connect your iphone to the computer using an usb cable. You can then create a playlist in your iphone by selecting the entire songs from the iTunes library (if your iphone has enough free memory space) or you can import only few particular selection of songs from the iTunes library to your phone. The final step is to sync your iphone with the iTunes selection of songs. Click on the iPhone button on the iTunes. Select the playlist that you want to sync and then click on the ‘Sync’ button. The process will begin and iTunes will notify you when the process is completed. Once the process is done, you can eject the removable device and you can start listening to the music from your iPhone.

If you don’t have an usb cable to connect your iphone to the computer, you can also use WiFi connection for the free music download. Connect the computer and the iphone using WiFi and do the same process as mentioned above. To connect select the settings option in the iphone, then general -> iTunes WiFi synch. Now it will display the list of the available computers that are connected to the WiFi. You can choose your computer and connect. You can also sync video files to your iphone if you have enough memory space available using iTunes. iTunes makes the job of managing music and video files simpler.

Be it a long train journey or a lonely evening. Music is the one thing that keeps you company any where and any time. And now with the advancements in technology you can take the music with you everywhere you go. Free music files are provided by many websites online. But make sure that you choose the genuine sites. There also sites that may spread the viruses to your computer. Keep your anti-virus program updated regularly. And, it should help you to block those dangerous sites for you. All you need to do to enjoy unlimited music is to use the correct and faster method to download free music to your mobile device and enjoy.