Other Apps for music download

The internet has made it possible for people to listen to music from different parts of the world and from different artists. These days, there are thousands of sites on the internet that allow people to download all kinds of music for free. The artists and producers of these music albums and songs often offer them to the internet users for free so that they can reach higher number of people and create an impact.

There are many applications available on the internet that allows the users to download free music from the internet with ease.


It will allow you to download free music directly to your desktop. You just enter the name of the song or artist you want and Groovedown will show you the list of results. You will need to double click on the name you want and it will start downloading. Easy, effective and painless!


With the help of this application it is easy to exchange files, videos and music as well. You will be able tom preview the songs and movies before you finish downloading. It also allows you to do advanced searches and interacting with other people who use this application. It acts as an online community for downloading music.


It is a P2P based application that supports free music download and you can exchange all kinds of files on P2P networks with it. You can share and download free music, movie or favorite game, without paying any money for them.


It is a player with a new interface and a very comfortable, efficiently organized media library and allows downloading music, games, videos, books and even lectures. At times, the content that you can get through iTunes is for free and the best part is that, it is legal to download all types of files through this amazing application developed by the computer giant Apple.


This is a wonderful application that allows you to download free music and provides access to more than 20 million songs and videos from its base, totally free and, of course, legally.

MP3 Rocket

If you are looking for the easiest way to download music videos from YouTube, MP3 Rocket will be very helpful. You will only need to enter the address of the music video hosted on YouTube and other similar sites (URL) and this application will allow you to download that video in mp3 format with ease.


Kazaa Lite Resurrection P2P is an excellent program with which you can quickly download music and video files, among others, through the FastTrack protocol.
11 iMesh – iMesh is a very useful P2P program for exchanging files because it lets you find, download, share and publish music, videos, games and images for free.


FrostWire is another P2P program that allows you to download free music from the internet with the help of torrent files. It is very easy to use and does not take a long time for free music download of any kind.