Downloading Free Music On Mobile Devices

Music and music players having become the part of cell phones today; this article explains the different ways to download free music on mobile devices. It is extremely rare to find a person without a cell phone. And again it is rare to find a cell phone without a music player today.

There are different ways to download music. It depends on the type of phone you have. But it should be possible to do it in at least one of the below methods. Of course the common requirement for any kind of cell phone is that you need a personal computer or laptop with an internet connection. There are several websites offering free music download. You can choose based on your language and your choice. A good internet connection might help you in downloading the music files pretty fast. You can also do it with a slow internet connection. But it might take very long time for downloading a single music file.

Free music download via cable is the first option to try. Most of the cell phones are purchased with a synching cable which can be connected to the personal computer. A software CD will also usually accompany. You have to install this software in the computer to make the computer recognize and transfer the data to the handset. There are also handsets, which do not require any installation of software. So, you can read the phoneĆ­s user manual and check if any software needs to be installed before starting the music download.

After installing the software (if required) and connecting your mobile phone to the computer with the cable, your phone might give you an indication that it has been connected to an external device and ask for your confirmation whether to allow the device to communicate with it. You can of course confirm since you want to do a free music download.

In the computer, there will be a new removable drive icon. Open the drive and look for the music folder. Copy the music files from your computer hard drive and paste them here in this music folder. Once the copying process is done, you can eject the removal drive and enjoy your music from your phone.

Another popular option available other than synching cable is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless mode of transfer. No wires or cables are involved. But both the devices (computer/laptop and phone) must support this type of transfers. Most of the laptops today come with in-build Bluetooth support. So you can avail this option easily to download free music if your phone also supports Bluetooth mode of transfer. The transferring method is also pretty simple here. Switch on Bluetooth in both the devices. From your laptop, search for the Bluetooth devices. It will show all the Bluetooth devices in the range. Select your phone and connect to it. Your phone will ask for confirmation this time also. Once you allow your phone to communicate with the laptop, you can do unlimited music transfers. Select the music files in your laptop right click and send to your phone. After few minutes or so, you should be able to get all the music files in your phone.