Different Genres Of Music

Different types of music help us to live our life with joy, pleasure and excitement. Music gives a soothing feeling to our disturbed soul. Different people have different tastes of music therefore music is divided into different genres and styles. These styles include classical music, jazz, metal, rap, rock, folk, etc. The main purpose of the music is to touch the core of heart therefore it can be said that music is an expression of heartís saying. Let us take a look at the different genres of music in the world.

<h2>Classical Music</h2>

Classical music is one of the difficult forms of music. It requires some skills like co-ordination with other musicians and learning of rages. We cannot master this form of music without proper training. Its composition is very twisty and is different from other genres of music. In this music, little mistake can make a huge difference in the composition. Therefore, all classical musicians are very well-trained. Classical musicís golden era was from 1550 to 1900.

<h2>Rock Music</h2>

Rock music first came on the scene during 1950ís. This era is also known as the era of rock and roll. In this genre, vocals are performed along with drum, guitar and bass. Some rock groups also use piano, flute and saxophone for deeper effect. Rock music is further divided into three types; hard rock, metal rock, and progressive rock.

<h2>Metal Music</h2>

Metal music became popular after the Second World War. In this genre, songís melody is heavily based on the songís structure. The central melody decides the songís structure in metal music. It is also called ìInformation Musicî.

<h2>Hip-hop Music</h2>

Different instruments are used in the Hip hop music. These instruments include the drums, guitar, bass, flute, piano and violin. Bass plays the main part in this type of music. Bass can be used to bring different types of emotions like pride and anger. This genre came from the Hip hop culture. Jamaican music is very much prominent in this music genre. It was first played by West African group of singers. Hip-hop music is very much new when we compare it with the classical and opera.

<h2>Trance Music</h2>

This type of music is very popular in club houses and discos. It became famous during the 20th century. It is fast tempo music. It has a mesmerizing effect on the listenerís soul.

<h2>Jazz Music</h2>

This genre of music has strong and complicated rhythms. Trumpet, violin and cornet are commonly used instruments in Jazz. Jazz music has a forward momentum which is known as the ìswingî. It is a rhythmic music. Jazz music cannot be described properly because of its abundant nature. Jazz music originated during the 20th century.

<h2>Folk Music</h2>

Folk music is a traditional kind of music. This type of music represents the emotions of certain group of people. Folk music has two sub-genres. One is the popular music and the second one is Tribal music. Folk music portrays the culture of various classes of people.

<h2>Techno Music</h2>

Techno music became popular during the 1980ís. It is also known by the name of fusion music. This genre is a mixture of American and African music. This music consists of fast beats. Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson were the founder of this music. It is kind of electronic dance music.

<h2>Opera Music</h2>

Opera music belongs to Italy. It was emerged in 1960ís. Opera is mostly played in theatres. It is beautiful combination of theatre art and music. Opera is sung in heavy voice with changes in the pitch of sound. Opera is generally performed along with orchestra and stage drama.