All You Need To Know About The Beatles

The Beatles are remarkably some of the most renowned music group of all times. The music group started in the early 1960s and to date their music is still known and loved the world over. Only a person who is not in touch with the music world does not love this music group. This music group originates from Liverpool. The group had several line ups but the best one consisted of four members. These included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr as well as George Harrison. Initially the music group sang songs of the rock and roll genre but with time, they incorporated other genres as well.

This music group was the most innovative music groups of all times. They would add a touch of classical music as well as pop ballads and psyche delic rock in most of their music. The beatles started their music career in clubs located in Liverpool. They would often sing in these clubs during most of the occasions. The song that made the ballads a popular music group was the release of ‘Love Me Do’. Most people loved this song and most especially the natives of the United Kingdom. After this song release, the beatles embarked on a tour that lasted for a period of about six years. During these tours, the beatles released about four albums all of which hit the airways and were loved by almost everyone.

It was in the year 1970 that the beatles finally parted their ways. This however did not interfere with their music career. Each of the beatles was able to emerge successful in their solo music careers. The beatles have had quite a number of achievements in their music careers. The beatles have successfully hit the number one slot in many of the music charts. The sales of their records are estimated to be about one billion. There is absolutely no other music group that has been able to reach the heights of the beatles. In total the beatles have around seven of the Grammy awards.

These awards have all come from the American National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The beatles have also received an award for having the best song that was sang originally and several Novello awards. It is very amazing that the beatles are still the number one music group even after several years since the release of their songs. The beatles have been able to obtain international recognition by some of the top international magazines such as the times magazine.

Two of the band members are still making hits to date. The other two members are not alive at the moment and these are John Lennon and Paul McCartney. John was killed in the early 1980 while Paul lost the battle with cancer in the year 2001. The world felt like it lost some of the best singers of all times with the passing of these two members of the beatles. The beatles did not just have four members. At one point there were other members who joined the beatles but then left shortly. These included Pete best and Stuart Sutcliffe.

The musical history cannot be complete without the beatles. The beatles have been able to leave a very huge mark in the industry. Commercially, this music group has been able to be one of the most successful in the industry. This music group is certainly the most criticized music groups of all times. Most people loved and still love the beetle simply because of the fact that they made the kind of music that both the young and the old an associate with.