The Origin Of Disco Music

Disco music was one of the best music of all times. This music is not too old as its origin dates back to the late 1960s. Disco music was loved by many people for the longest time although rock music is now replacing the role that disco music has played in the night life. The music is basically a mixture of different kinds of musical instruments combined together. It was Jerry Butler who was the genius behind disco music. He was mesmerized by the way musical instruments intertwined to create a beautiful rhythm. He was the first person to ever release a disco song and although not so many people were familiar with the beats, the song was soon loved by many people.

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Sing! Karaoke

If your favorite hangout is the local Karaoke bar, then Sing! Karaoke is the app that is going to blow you away like nobody’s business. I always thought of getting a karaoke system in my apartment for the house parties but never got to lay my hands on one. For me, this app is a revelation of kinds. A perfectly working Karaoke on your phone. Gosh! Pinch me!

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