The Top 5 2012 Songs

Music has the capacity to make you escape from reality even for a while. Music has the capacity to brighten up even the dullest days. Even though there are different music genres, the purpose of music still remains the same. Music can be said to be an art as well as a science but one thing for sure is that music the best form of entertainment. Music has been there over the decades and will still continue to be there for a very long period of time. The year 2012 has seen the release of very many songs. Some of these songs have been good while others have not been as good. The songs that have made it in the top five songs in the year 2012 are:

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The Amazing Rock Concert Of The Year 2013

If you are a fan of rock music, then you must have heard of the red hot chili peppers. This is a rock band that promises to rock your world during their next concert with will be held on 2nd and 5th February next year. This is the most awaited concert of beginning next year 2013. The concert comes as the greatest news for the South Africans because this will be the first time that this band would spread their wings to the country. The venues for the concert that will be held on the second of February will the soccer city complex that is located at the FNB stadium. The other concert scheduled for the fifth of February will be held at the Cape Town Stadium.

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Latest News In The Music Industry

The music industry is one of the most controversial industries. There is always news and gossip in the industry. There is always something that is happening in the music industry and there are people who would do absolutely anything to get their hands on the information. Most of the news is normally exaggerated and you can never know the right place you can get the news from. The best place for you to get the information is from the billboard. This is the only place that you can be sure the information you get is accurate. Some of the latest news in the music industry includes the following;

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How Music Therapy Affects On The People

Researches have shown that the music has a great effect on a person’s psyche and body. It is not only restricted to researches, a field related to health care is growing rapidly. This health care field is known as music therapy. It uses music to heal. People, who know music therapy, are using it for good effect. They are using this therapy to help cancer patients, children suffering from ADD and other such diseases.

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Different Genres Of Music

Different types of music help us to live our life with joy, pleasure and excitement. Music gives a soothing feeling to our disturbed soul. Different people have different tastes of music therefore music is divided into different genres and styles. These styles include classical music, jazz, metal, rap, rock, folk, etc. The main purpose of the music is to touch the core of heart therefore it can be said that music is an expression of heartís saying. Let us take a look at the different genres of music in the world.

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